Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Exam Room Assistants

If you have been into the clinic in 2017, you may have noticed some pretty big changes with our exam room flow.  While some of the familiar faces from the front desk may not be there to greet you, we want to be sure that you realize this change is to improve the client/patient experience!

Some of our more tenured, full time CSR staff have been moved into a role that we like to call ERA, or exam room assistant.  Each doctor is paired with a primary ERA who will be with the doctor at all times.  Their role is to enter exam notes so that the doctor can spend more time focusing on you and your pet, without having to escape to the computer constantly.

We want you to get to know your doctor's primary ERA...as they will help answer questions for the doctor when messages are left in their box, they will be the one calling to confirm your appointment and will be the one watching the appointment book to hopefully communicate to you if the doctor is running ahead of schedule (or behind schedule).  Dr. Clary's primary ERA is currently Cara, Dr. Carter's is Fallon and Dr. Hurley's is Adrienne.  Jessica is with Dr. Downes frequently at our Heath location.

Each Doctor/ERA pair also has a daily secondary ERA.  The role of the secondary is to meet you at the front door to greet you and immediately show you into an exam room (as long as one is available).  This prevents your dog or cat from having any run-ins with other pets in the lobby, keeps smells to a minimum and hopefully decreases any fear they have when coming to the veterinary clinic.  They will provide treats and low stress handling during the examination.

If your pet is timid and prefers to remain in the examination room with you for the entire visit, we can do vaccines, blood draws and nail trims in the room with you.  If they love to explore and meet with our clinic pets (Stone, Maggie, Sheldon, Bob, etc) they we can have a nurse perform those items in the treatment area while you chat with the Doctor.

We hope this provides a faster visit for you - because we know that nobody wants to spend hours at the vet office (no, seriously...studies show this! and don't worry, it doesn't hurt our feelings).  We hope it tones down the anxiety your pet might get waiting in the lobby with other animals coming and going.  We hope it allows you more quality time with the doctor and your pet.  We love our new flow and we hope you do too!

We invite you to come by in 2017 and check us out.  See how we are different from other practices in the area and make AHR your home away from home.  As always, we look to improve every interaction with you.  If you have any feedback, please fill out our client satisfaction survey and receive a $5 credit on your account!


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