Thursday, March 20, 2014

Microchips Reunite Loved Ones!!

Just ask Buster's family. Buster was found by a Good Samaritan near the bridge on 66 and scanned for a microchip at AHR. Voila!! A microchip allowed Buster to get back with Mom very quickly. Mom was thrilled to learn Buster was safe and sound.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Puppy Pile with Serenade

Lone Star Puppy Raisers (a local club for Guide Dogs for the Blind) meeting created a "puppy pile" while a club member serenaded everyone with a violin for a distraction. A puppy pile is when all club members put their puppy on a "Down Stay" and walk away. Then when requested, raisers go back to their pup and quietly sit beside them. Great meeting!

Our career-change pup, Stone (black lab) is to the left of the red shirt and Pax (our current puppy, black lab) is in the top right corner.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

$99 Super Saver Wellness Package for Your Pet

While we do continue to offer our AHR "experience" appointments where you have unlimited time with the doctor to ask questions, discuss concerns, and leave with several pages of the latest up-to-date information in relation to your pets' breed/disease/lifestyle, we realize not everyone is looking for this type of "experience". Some would prefer the speed of a 30-minute or less appointment and just prefer to have their pet protected from disease, without long discussions about the vaccinations and the diseases they protect against. We certainly welcome these clients too.

$99 SUPER SAVER Package

We offer competitive pricing for all services and have even begun to offer a $99 SUPER SAVER package, which includes a physical exam, an intestinal parasite exam, and all recommended vaccinations!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Springer Kindergartners Visit Animal Hospital of Heath for Career Day

The Rockwall ISD Education Foundation recently awarded the Kindergarten team at Springer Elementary $1,771 for their “When I Grow Up…” grant idea.

As part of their field trip, ninety Kindergartners took a tour around the city of Heath with a stop at Animal Hospital of Heath.

While visiting the animal hospital, the students transformed into veterinarians and performed surgery on teddy bears. They examined x-rays and viewed microscope slides.

Read more about the visit here