Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fishing Hook Danger

Fishing hook danger.

Summer time is here and fishing season is upon us. Dogs are great fishing companions but sometimes they can get into a little mischief that can cause an emergency trip to the vet.

Dogs are attracted to the smelly fish bait and shiny lures.  They can mistake these as toys or a treat. Dogs can get the hooks stuck in their mouth, paws, and sometimes even worse they will get stuck in esophagus or stomach.

Do not try to pull these lures out once stuck in tissue. Due to the multiple barbs on the hooks it can cause much more damage to the tissues and embed them further if you pull on them.  Pets need to be sedated and have a minor surgical procedure for these barbed hooks to be properly removed.

If the hook has been swallowed they may need a major surgery or endoscope to remove it.  If you see a fishing line coming from your pets mouth do not pull on it!  This could cause a tear in their esophagus or lining of the stomach which could be fatal. 

If your pet has a hook stuck in a paw or body, try and cover the hook so the pet can not chew on it and cause more damage and then head to your vet.  If it's stuck in their mouth or has been swallowed try and keep the pet calm and head straight to your vet.

So, if your four legged friend likes to go fishing with you always be careful by following a few simple rules.  Never leave the tackle box open. Only bait one hook at a time.  And make sure to remove hooks and lures from the fishing line prior to storing equipment.